The Disease Surveillance Program (DS) acts under the Authority of Communicable Disease Ordinance GR-14-09 to prevent the spread of communicable disease in the Community.  The Tribal Health Nurse determines who the contacts of cases are, and ensures that both cases and their contacts are adequately treated. The Nurse also educates the families and tribal employees on ways to prevent transmission of communicable disease and alerts the Tribal Health Director and Environmental Health if any outbreaks are suspected.


Mission Statement:


See Department Mission Statement


Program Goals:


  1. Ensure the follow-up of all communicable diseases to aid in the prevention and the spread of disease to Gila River Indian Community Members.
  2. Strengthen the public health infrastructure by providing relevant public health data, information and reports that will result in the timely prevention and control of communicable disease in the GRIC.
  3. Disseminate health information to the Community to enhance overall disease control efforts.
  4. Ensure DS works with all federal, state, and local partners to maintain compliance with Ordinance Gr-14-09.