Services Offered

The Genesis Program offers diabetes awareness education, nutrition, physical activity, and breastfeeding support to the Gila River Indian Community. 


► Diabetes Prevention, Nutrition, Physical Activities is offered to children, parents, caregivers, and school staff;

► Breastfeeding education and support is offered to prenatal women and women who are interested in breastfeeding their newborn;   

► Baby Chef Program is offered to parents, caregivers who have babies that are reaching 4-6 months of age and are ready to be introduced to solid foods; 

► Fit Mom Program is offered to prenatal and postpartum mothers who would like to continue to be physically active during the prenatal and postpartum stages;



If you are interested in any of the Genesis Program services, you may visit our office located in District Three (3) at 121 S. Blue Bird Road, Sacaton, or you may call our office at 520-562-1237 and inquire about the program services you may be interested in for yourself, a friend or a family member.  .