The Genesis Program is under the oversight of the Tribal Health Department.  The Genesis Program was developed in 1995 for children as a visual, culturally specific, basic introduction to prevent the onset of diabetes in youth.  The Genesis Program offers diabetes awareness education, nutrition, physical activity, breastfeeding promotion and support.  


The Genesis Program is a Grant Funded Program through Indian Health Services – Special Diabetes Program for Indians.


Mission Statement:


To provide awareness of the benefits of family physical activities, healthy food choices and breastfeeding through home visits, hands-on demonstrations and community outreach.




To improve the quality and longevity of life to our children and parents.  


Program Goals:


·         Educate children, school personnel & GRIC families about diabetes and  prevention methods;

·         Slowly elicit behavior changes, that will help prevent the onset of diabetes in youth; 

·         Promote regular daily exercise and healthy food choices;


Promote Genesis programs through community outreach and education;

Promote Physical Activities;

Promote Nutrition Education;

Promote Breastfeeding Program - Support, Guidance;