The Community Health Nutrition Program (CHNP) was established to educate the Gila River Indian community about healthy eating through various educational approaches. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) is a resource being utilized for information pertaining to nutrition education. The food guide pyramid was replaced with MyPlate in 2011 in an effort to help Americans make better food choices. The My Plate will be used as a teaching tool to educate the community about the food groups and portion sizes. In addition to MyPlate, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans highlights a few key recommendations based on current dietary patterns. These key recommendations will assist as an outline for the nutritional education. The nutrition education consists of cooking classes, brochures, health fairs, newsletters, and recipes which will promote a healthy lifestyle.  Classes will be established throughout the districts and available to the Community. Locations for education classes will include Service Centers, Schools, Elder Centers, Tribal Health Departments and any other locations which are available.


Mission Statement:


The Community Health Nutrition Program (CHNP) will promote community wellness through nutrition education and physical activity.  The program will provide the Community with the adequate knowledge to make healthier choices, thus, preventing health diseases.


Vision Statement:



Program Goals:

Goal 1 –Provide easy and simple Nutrition Education to all members of the Community.

Goal 2 - Assist Community members on Healthy Cooking tips with meals they already prepare. (Modify food ingredients and preparation techniques to reduce fat and sugar content.)

Goal 3- Educate and encourage the importance of consuming fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Goal 4- Provide food demonstrations to educate on different methods of cooking.