Dog and Cat Licenses

The Gila River Indian Community requires all dogs and cats four (4) months of age and over to have a rabies vaccination and license.  Gila River Animal Control is responsible for issuing licenses for all dogs and cats owned in the Community.


In order to comply with the Community’s ordinance[CP1]  and obtain a dog or cat license, owners need to:

  • Have their dog(s) and/or cat(s) vaccinated for rabies;
  • and within 15 days of vaccination, the owner needs to go to Animal Control’s administrative office to fill out a license certificate and purchase a license tag.


When you purchase a license tag, the expiration date will be based on the most current rabies vaccination certificate in Animal Control’s database or from the most current rabies vaccination certificate presented by the animal owner.


Although the rabies vaccination certificate may not expire for 3 years, the license tag must be purchased on a yearly basis.


Why is it important to license your dog(s) and/or cat(s)?


  • It shows actual ownership of the dog or cat
  • If picked up by Animal Control, you can be contacted and the animal can be returned to your home instead of being taken to the Shelter.
  • If we do take it to the Shelter, your animal will stay longer and we will be attempting to contact you.
    Note: We only use information found in our database; make sure your information is current by contacting our office to update new phone numbers and/or addresses.
  • If someone finds your dog or cat, they can call our office and we will make sure you are notified they have found your animal.