The Genesis Diabetes Prevention Specialist II (Lactation Specialist) works with prenatal and postpartum women who are interested in breastfeeding their baby.


The intent of the breastfeeding program is to:

  • Increase knowledge of breastfeeding benefits
  • Encourage mothers to nurse for 6-12 months
  • Encourage community support through schools & with employers


The Curriculum consists of six (6) lessons on topics such as:

  • The basics of Breastfeeding
  • Prenatal changes to your body / breast
  • Hunger cues / positioning / latching
  • Common problems
  • Returning to work or school, pumping / storing
  • Proper nutrition for mom & baby


►Mother’s who attend and participate in all six lessons, receive motivational tools; 

►Electric Breast Pumps are available to clients who meet criteria guidelines: 

►Genesis Breastfeeding clients, receive limited breastfeeding supplies;

►Breastfeeding Support Group is offered once a month to mothers who would like to meet other mothers who are breastfeeding.


If you are interested in attending or know a friend or family member that is interested in our program services, please call our office for class dates and location.


If you are interested in Breastfeeding education and cannot make it to our training sites, the Genesis staff is able to provide a home visit.  If transportation is needed, please contact our office 24 hours in advance and we can provide transportation.  (520) 562-1237    


Breastfeeding FACTs:  Studies show breastfed babies

  • Develop less allergies
  • Are at low risk of developing heart disease
  • Develop a high IQ level
  • #1 Reason to breastfeed - to build a bond between mother & child